How to get bigger ear gauges?

bigger ear gauges

Ear gauges are the slang for ear stretching. You simply extend your piercing to sport a certain piece of jewellery. It is a slow process. The first step is to get your ears pierced. And later, when it has completely healed. Slowly, insert a taper or plug in your piercing. If you experience pain more than expected, your piercing has not healed yet and you need to give it a little more time. Otherwise, you insert the gauge and carry the look. It is suggested that one should stretch ears after a hot shower. And lubricate your earlobe before inserting the taper or plug. Lubrication is necessary as it smoothens the process. Do not rush into pushing the taper as it may prove Maleficent for the ears.

ear gauges


If you did not experience any kind of pain, then no need to treat your piercing as if it has been piercing for the first time. Lubricate it a little now and then. Otherwise, apply a generous amount of Jojoba oil to the piercing to stimulate the blood flow in the area. Make sure your ear has healed completely before increasing the size of the taper. You should wait at least for a month or two before increasing the size of your ear gauges. If stretching without healing, it may cause permanent damage to the ears.

Do not switch to skipping a size or two of the ear gauges just to reach the desired result. This will prove very Maleficent for the ear. And the tapers are not jewellery, even though they are designed for long-term use. Too much pressure on the ear leads to a blowout. It is basically disfiguration of the ear. Blowout may also occur if gauges are stretched too quickly. They should be increased step by step, no rush.

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