Why You Should Start Pounding The Drums

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It was almost every kid’s dream to play the piano or the guitar growing up. Drums rarely came up because they were loud, or they just were not ideal for the parents at all. Asian parents, especially.


However, here are four reasons as to why you should switch to drums. Number 3 will shock you.

1. It’s more fun than Piano

Rather than banging on a bunch of keys and getting more depressed the moment you realize you will never be able to play a single note, you should pour your heart out with the drums. It can make the sickest beats even when you just pound away. You can get away with playing smooth or strong beats, and you can also make up your rhythm and still sound good! It doesn’t take rocket science genius levels.

2. Stress-reliever

Music, in general, is already a great way to relieve stress. Studies have also shown that drumming, in particular, can reduce the production of cortisol- the hormone that induces stress. “Drum circle” or a group of people who plays ‘hand drums’ have been found to have a de-stressing effect on those who partake in in it. It has something to do with the vibrations and that there seems to be “a feeling of community and closeness” when you play it together. Music therapists themselves can attest to it, research or no. Technicalities aside, drumming gives you energy, you have more control of the music you produce or would want to hear, and would help in blowing off the unwanted negative vibes.

3. It can make you SMARTER

Who doesn’t want to be just a tad smarter?

Research posits that drummers are better at problem-solving than those who do not play. Studies by the Karolinska Institute found out that those who can play a series of beats, “scored better on a 60-question intelligence test”. It is said that maintaining one steady beat is a form of expressing capabilities in problem-solving. Other studies have also shown that “rhythmic music can make other people smarter” after professors in the University of Washington made his students undergo a “light and sound therapy.”
If those studies from prominent universities can’t convince you, I don’t know what else can.


4. Great workout

“Poundfit” claims to make their enrollees healthier by using movements likened to drumming. They’re all about the “pounding” work-outs at home and just about any space you can find. I mean, in a generation congested with Instagrammable food, salivating dessert shops, and just about everything else you can put inside your mouth, drumming to stay in shape does not sound bad, at all. You get to have fun, look cool, lose weight, relieve stress, and you just might find drumming to be a life-long passion!

Hooray for the heavy and the lazy!