What Drums Are Made Of

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However drums are made, it does not take a genius to figure that it is a great instrument and that it poses a lot of health benefits for its users. But, how well do we know this loud and proud instrument? The source of thundering roars that can be heard in a ceremony, concert, gathering, and whatever event there is organized for our enjoyment of music?


In this article, you will see what these beautiful instruments are made off and how meticulous the craftsmen are in making these to ensure perfect quality of notes.

Drums have come a long way since its start of manufacturing. Raw materials used range from the animal skin in the 50’s to polyester- polyethylene terephthalate to be exact, preferred more for the durability of the material. Its shell made usually from 3 types of wood: birch, maple or poplar, has come to meet with some upgrades into steel and metal. Its support comes from the ever enduring material that is aluminum, able to withstand shocks from when there may be accidents in setting up the set.

The Cymbals, or those circular gold disks you see perched on a steel stick, is made of copper, tin, and silver. The metal has to undergo intense heating for it to be softened and then flattened to form into what we now play with when we do not know what else to do with the drums.

The ease in being able to learn the drums pales in comparison to how arduous and complicated it is when it comes to making a full set. Immense precision is needed, a whole lot of metalwork, carving and heating- all for our musical enjoyment. Additives are added as well, so as to give it that sleek color that we sometimes fail to appreciate. There is also a never-ending cycle in which these instruments have to undergo to give us the right notes. Heating, cooling, melting, carving, polishing, and a whole lot more. The increase in the demand of these instruments also poses a challenge to those who make these such that they have to make sure that quality is controlled, so, as mentioned earlier, precision is needed.

Gluing and grouping pieces together according to humidity and the controlled temperature is also done so after that, these metals are molded into the desired size, depending on whatever or whichever is demanded.

Lugs, rods, drum keys to control tension within the instrument, also have to make the cut in producing the perfect drum set. Having to deal with these tiny tools are what makes the job a challenge, there is a vulnerability to what we see now as a very stable instrument.


As time goes on, there will be a lot more improvements or alternatives to the raw materials used in making these drum sets such as Corian. Corian is a boiling pot of a lot of minerals mixed hand crafted. These claim to provide a tighter quality in sound and good acoustics.

Having to know all of these must have been overwhelming, however, take the new knowledge into account and appreciate the drums you have, and the drums you will have in the future.