Pounding The Pains Away Through The Drums

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This technique is old school. ‘Shamans” or people regarded as having “access to, and influence in, the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits,” have used this to help maintain a healthy physical and mental state.


Researchers have proven this, too. It’s been a long time since the people of Tuva and the Minianka healers have existed, or at least made their presence known. Being innate drummers is our only connection with these people, who, long ago even without the aid of research, have already discovered the benefits of drumming.

Here’s why it helps:

1. Help control chronic pain

Drumming produces chemicals in the brain that are likened to painkillers, thus making it easier to control pain. This science statement just means that drumming can help in easing your pain. Chemicals produced by our brains and bodies brought about the joy of drumming, help those who are in a lot of pain most of the time—without the drug abuse.

2. Boosts immune system

Remember the chemicals and the science things that happen to your bodies when you play the drums? There is more to that, apparently. If you are a sickly human being like I am, you may just need to start learning this wonderful instrument. Drumming, according to Dr. Bittman increases the production of anticancer cells and can protect your body from other viruses and even AIDS.

3. Alleviates Depression

Drum-circles should be a thing for teenagers nowadays. Let’s face it; this generation is susceptible to depression, and it is very evident. I don’t think it needs a more in-depth research. Music therapists swear by the powers of ‘drum-circles’ as it gives those who partake in it a “closeness” and “connection” with the community, which in itself, is already a big leap towards feeling better every day.

4. Produces a deeper “self-awareness.”

Apparently, the synchronization in our brains brought about drumming can help us ‘realign’ and ‘reintegrate’ with ourselves. Information unknown to us at first, makes its way into our consciousness, and spiritual insights, conviction, and a certain awareness persist. Sounds spiritual, doesn’t it?

5. Open up your brain

Rhythm permeates the entire brain; that’s why it’s so powerful. Connections between neurons are generated when you play the instrument, and can help you “retain” your brain even when there is permanent damage or ‘neurological impairment’. It also has something to do with the deeper integration we develop as we go on about playing the instrument.

6. Releases negative feelings, blockages, and emotional trauma


We have already established that drumming, indeed, is a stress-relieving experience. Playing the instrument encourages expression more, rather than perfection. As we can see, it is easier to create rhythms and produce pleasant notes when playing the drums. It builds emotional health and is just all-around the go-to feel-good instrument when you want to lash out—with style.

So when you’re feeling sad and blue, tired of the old stress-ball, play the drums. You can get therapy, and look cool at the same time.