10 Things You May Not Know About Drums

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Let go of having to learn about the more technical aspect of drums, and move on to things that may fascinate you about the wondrous instrument. The problem with some of the people you might know around you is that they take the drums for granted. They think it’s as easy as coming up with a beat, striking the drumsticks to the edges to make that cool, somewhat hollow sound; the heads for the bong and the bang and a lot of booming that will get the attention.


However, these interesting facts may earn some of their respect and maybe yours, too, if you have been a little skeptical about the instrument. Soon, you will find yourself wanting to get one.

1. These things of beauty date as one of the oldest musical instruments! They have been around for as long as anyone could remember, starting from 4000 B.C., up to the times when ethnic tribes and rituals were the norm. These were probably even present during the most historic events of all the history books or facts we may have read. The drums have stood the test of time- more proof of how awesome they are.

2. There is such a thing as an Alligator Drum which dates back to 2300 B.C., until 1900 B.C. Shamans or mediators of the spirits of the undead and the dead worlds have used this for their rituals. Is it not amazing to think these drums may have been magical once upon a time?

3. Drums are known to be a healthy way to exercise! A lot of aspects of working out are targeted when you engage in routines likened to drumming movements. There are some that claim that this may be even better than hiking or cycling.

4. Who knew drumming could be the answer to near immortality? Viola Smith, a century and one-year-old woman, is among the many famous drummers in the whole world. Her claim to longevity is the fact that she plays the drums, though there is not much scientific research connecting playing the drums to longevity, it still goes to show just how powerful the instrument can be.

5. Electronic drums were popularized in the 80’s. Who knew, right? You probably thought it was a innovation to the musical set. However, they have been around longer than most think and have been thought to replace the traditional drums. However, nothing beats the old and original, apparently, as we can still see them sticking around, and will be sticking around for quite a longer while.

6. Drum rolls were produced to give you a kind of a thrill and suspense before revealing a surprise of some sort. The drum rolls that you hear today probably last around five seconds, however, did you know that the longest drum roll was made by a certain Christopher Anthony, and got to drum rolling for a total of 8 hours, 1 minute, and 17 seconds?

7. The first ‘workable’ drum pedals were founded by Ludwig drums.


8. The evolution of the ‘Drum Kit’ started in the 80’s, where more materials, which we see are now part of the drums, were started to be used and incorporated into drum solos and performances.

9. There is such a thing as Marathon Drumming that had run for as long as 122 hours, 25 minutes.

10. The largest drum kit to be ever made took 36 years to assemble. What took them that long? The 813 pieces they had to put together, that’s what.